Be a part of Society

to development and upgrade our nearest people in forwarding one step ahead with contribute our little help during our regular life...

We all are busy in life with family and their requirements..always running behind it to fulfill and focusing only our life and our members... while there are so many peoples who are deserving basic requirement of living life, but they can not efforts or helpless to achieve.

This portal is for the society. we must do our silent duty. we can share our contribution towards needful society's requirement and develop it as well as we can.

we are helping society during our daily need shopping / celebrations / parties / etc. expenses that we always do for our selves. On this portal, we have our chain of industries / outlets / shops / etc. they are giving you the best service on your purchase, you have to get service of your daily or routine requirements from their outlets.

Industries / outlets / shops / etc of this portal will contribute 1% to the portal one4society from their Annual Advertising expense as per they agreed to work with this charity portal. And Contribution amount will be used in Initiatives activity held by our Portal one4society.

FB promotions will be share on mobiles/digital gadget as advertisements / commercial of industry. share and forward it maximum you can. expense of daily needs of routine life can not stops, we must pay for it regularly. so why not we can get discount it and also contribute for our society to develop and up-grade our city as in support in Digital India New India. as this portal uses digital promotions media .

Prove that you are the one from our Society who cares for society's development. and to awareness share in your groups to Shopping by promotion's outlet. be a one stone of huge bridge of our society towards up-gradation.